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Pink Powder

These charm bracelets are a few examples of charm bracelets I create. Please view my Instagram and TikTok page for more photos. These charm bracelets fits sizes 5.5 in - 9 inches. Please measure your wrist for accurate sizing. 


Please remember every bracelet/charm is not the same as inventory changes. If you are requesting a specific charm that is not available, processing time may take longer from 2-3 weeks.


You can choose up to 3 primary colors and please make sure you choose a secondary color which is gold or silver.

Charm Bracelets


Thank you so much for visiting my shop! All items are handmade. Please be mindful that there may be variations in charm and bead sizing, and color lightness/darkness. No bracelet or apple watch will be the same due to inventory changes. I aim to provide excellent customer service so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Each item will have the size listed, so please try and measure your wrist with measuring tape. Please keep in mind that prices are subject to change due to inventory changes. 

It is very important to handle your apple watch band and charm bracelet with care. Please avoid water as this may tarnish the color of your charms and beads. Please avoid sleeping in your apple watch bands and bracelets. Please place back in box or gift bag when not in use. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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